About our Blackout Blinds

Blackout BlindsBlackout blinds are roller or vertical blinds with blackout fabric attached. The fabric does not let any light pass through thereby keeping the room much darker. Blackout blinds still allow some light into the room through the ‘light gaps’. However blackout blinds are roller blinds running in side channels.

Available in many colours and shades to match most colour schemes.

Blackout Blinds for different applications

Blackout blinds are ideal for:
Blue-BlackoutLight sleepers
Providing absolute privacy

A ‘Total Blackout’ option is available – this is a roller blind running in side channels with a head box cassette at the top. They are available in either black or white. Total Blackout blinds will totally exclude ALL light – ideal for dark rooms and labs.

These window coverings are best suited for spaces where you need a lot of privacy like bathroom windows, or bedroom windows.